Precision Wire & Metal Forming

Rotational & Injection Molding

On Time & In Spec

We relieve stress and frustration for manufacturers by 
delivering precision wire and plastic parts on time.

Do You Struggle With:

Getting your parts on time… or getting them at all

Poor quality results

Suppliers who don’t or won’t communicate

Stress and frustration with delays

Finally - Perfect Parts Delivered On Time


Want to work with a supplier
who answers your calls? Gives
you straight-shooting answers? Quality Steel and Wire is responsive.

On Schedule

Want your parts to show up on your dock on or before they were promised? Quality Steel and Wire makes delivery schedules top priority.

Impeccable Quality

You can’t afford for a high percentage of your shipment to be off-spec or poor quality. Quality Steel and Wire hits specs perfectly.

We Understand the Stress of Finding Custom Parts

We talk to new customers every week that are frustrated and stressed because they can’t get a part they desperately need. We’ve been solving delivery issues for customers since 1987. In the last 2 years alone we’ve tripled our employees, moved into a larger facility and served more customers every year. All because our customers keep coming back to the reliability we offer.

How it Works


Send Your Drawing for 
Engineering Review


Send Your PO for Samples


Review Your Awesome Samples


Send us your PO for production 
and say Goodbye to Stress

We Help You
Keep Your Schedule

At Quality Steel and Wire, we know you want to satisfy your own obligations with quality parts arriving at your dock on time. In order to do that, you need a partner who will pick up the phone and actually talk to you, giving you confidence in the process, from order to delivery. We believe you should never have to worry about getting on-time deliveries of a quality product.


We reply within 24 hours